Ithaca Promotes Local Art

ITHACA, NY- The Downtown Ithaca Alliance is promoting the work of local artists in order to complete their summer 2016 exposition located at the Ithaca Commons.

The exposition will take place in June and continue throughout the summer, until November of the same year. Banners printed with local art will be hung on all of the street lights of the Commons. The Downtown Ithaca Alliance is encouraging students as well as people with disabilities, minorities, and elders to participate in the new contest.

Tatiana Sy, Director of Events at the Downtown Ithaca Alliance, indicated that their is no “special treatment” over the selectivity of the art work and that “anyone in the community is more than welcome to submit their work” although she would like to see more students involved especially.

Story #2
Street lights at the Ithaca Commons where the Banners are projected to be hung on

She does think that the event could potentially give recognition to participants but believes that its more of a “community event” and that cash compensation isn’t necessary for “a local fun event”.

Darryl Donohue, a freshman exploratory major at Ithaca College, paints often and is seriously considering submitting one of his paintings for the gallery this summer. He wasn’t informed of the event until the interview was held.

Darryl wasn’t aware of not receiving any cash compensation but stated that it wouldn’t bother him and that he was “just doing it for the fun of it”. He explained that “for events such as these, you don’t expect to receive any cash, its all for the passion of art”.

His painting consists of a remake of the artwork of the album The Dusty Foot Philosopher by the Canadian pop singer, K’Naan. Darryl explains that he always loved K’Naan and that he finds the artwork original and also well themed for a summer gallery.

However, Jeffery Chan, a freshman Integrated Marketing Major at Ithaca College, reacted differently when he was informed about the no cash compensation. Although he isn’t in a position where he needs any compensation, Jeffrey claims that “it would benefit some students who aren’t in an ideal financial situation [and that] Downtown Ithaca Alliance would maybe get more applicants”.

Jeffrey also intends to submit his artwork and would be “proud” to see his painting on the banners at the Ithaca Commons. His painting is based on Hong Kong Island, the area where he is originally from and was raised in.

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance seems to be reaching its objective by attracting students in Ithaca to submit their art work , but Sy’s decision to disable cash compensation could prove costly in the attempt to attract a younger public to participate in the newly introduced event.



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